KTM/Touratech Zega Pro Pannier System


Elite Motorsports is proud to offer the Touratech Zega Pro Pannier System. A combination of durability, stylish looks, legendary Touratech Quality, and easy installation make this the perfect system for your KTM 1190/1290 Adventure. We offer this Kit with Black mounting bars and an option of Silver or Black bags. In addition, we offer the KTM branded Zega Pro kit with silver bags. Below you find more information about this great system, links to purchase, and  step-by-step instructions on how to install these bags on your bike.

KTM 1190 Adventure & R Pannier System –

A high performance adventure touring motorcycle like the KTM 1190 adventure deserves the best possible luggage system.  The KTM 1190 Zega Pro Pannier System is the best aluminum luggage on the market, backed up with many years of development, testing, and ’round-the-world travel.

Touratech Zega Pro panniers have provided secure dry storage for adventure riders the world over. The body and removable lid feature rounded lines with rugged corner protection that is easily replaceable. Low profile anchor loops provide a flat surface that makes the pannier a good seat at the campfire. Crafted with 1.5mm aluminum and welded/stainless steel rivet construction these sturdy panniers are available in 31, 38 and 45 liter sizes.

Technical Specs and Engineering Details:

Structure: The Touratech mounting system is the strongest in the industry with German-built 18mm diameter tube racks with 2mm thick sidewalls that form a rectangular “hoop” on both sides of the bike to support the panniers. The Innovative cross-braced rack system bolts directly to the motorcycle sub-frame transferring the pannier load directly to the bikes chassis. Mounting systems from other manufacturers emphasize a “minimalist” look when the boxes are off the bike. The sacrifice, inherent with those designs, is the compromised safety and reliability that often results in critical failures. Pannier racks are available in electro-polished stainless steel or black epoxy-coated stainless steel.

Quick Removal: Touratech Zega Pro panniers attach to the steel mounting racks using heavy-duty composite and steel mounting brackets in four locations. This design offers a very secure fitting and can be quickly released to take the boxes off.

Waterproof: All Touratech panniers have a deep groove aluminum interface with silicone seal. This provides dust proof and waterproof storage even in driving rain and water crossings. Some pannier makers cut corners with a plastic interface between the lid and box. This creates a weak link and often results in breakage and water intrusion.

Dual function latch: This latch will function as release or hinge. It allows quick access by releasing one side while the other functions as a hinge. Release both latches for complete lid removal for easy packing or lid use as a utility tray for camping.

Security: A spring loaded safety latch ensures that the lid stays closed and its discrete location enhances security. Add a set of optional Integral Locks to each pannier for even more security.

Dimensions: The overall width of the 31/38L system is 39 inches.  The width of the 38/45L system is 42 inches.

The high ground clearance of the boxes allow you to negotiate sections of deep sand or ruts. The high ground clearance also helps with cornering at speed. The 45 Liter size case can fit a full sized helmet for storage.

  • Complete set with panniers, rack, and mounting hardware
  • Available in bare aluminum, anodized silver, or anodized black
  • Available in 31,38, 45 liter sizes
  • Easy installation
  • Made in Germany by Touratech
  • Panniers made from 1.5mm aluminum with welded and stainless steel rivet construction
  • Electro-polished stainless-steel racks
  • Bottle carriers, seat pads, inner bags, and many other accessories available
  • Replaceable corner protection
  • Total system width: 31/38L= 39 inches, 38/45L= 42 inches
  • Fits KTM 1190 Adventure and Adventure R models

371-5731-B – Silver Zega Pro bags (31/38L) with Black rack $1489.99

371-5732-B – Black Zega Pro Bags (31/38L) with Black Rack $1489.99

371-5736-B – Silver Zega Pro Bags (38/45L) with Black Rack $1489.99

371-5737-B – Black Zega Pro Bags (38/45L) with Black Rack $1489.99

*note: the following installation instructions are for the KTM racks. Some differences may exist for the touratech brackets. consult the installation instructions included in your kit.

 Step 1: Remove the stock mounting rails and case hook brackets from both sides of the bike. Touratech Zega Pro
Step 2: Align the bracket with the stock mounting holes and loosely install the mounting hardware. See the above diagram for proper bolt selection.

1x case rack, left (1) 60312920100
1x case rack, right (2) 60312921100
2x lashing buckles (3) 60312912060
2x screws M8x60 (4) 0025080606
1x screw M8x55 (5) 0025080556
1x screw M8x40 (6) 0025080406
4x screws M8x35 (7) 0025080356
2x screws M8x20 (8) 0025080206
1x rod (9) 60312912080
4x cap head screws M6 x 16 (10) 0912060166
4x hexagon nuts M6 (11) 0985060003

Touratech Zega Pro
Step 3: Mount case lashing brackets in the remaining bolt location. Use Loctite 243 on all bolts and torque all bolts to 25Nm. Touratech Zega Pro
Step 4: Use the supplied cap screws and nuts to secure the cross brace. Be sure to note the orientation of the brace, it should line up evenly with the license plate bracket. Touratech Zega Pro
Step 5: Tighten the cap head screws and nuts evenly. Touratech Zega Pro
Step 6: Loosen the thumb screws located inside each case/ Touratech Zega Pro
Step 7: push the thumb screw in to free the mounting tab on the back of the case. Touratech Zega Pro
Step 8: install the bag by pushing the lower mounts onto the bar then swinging the tabs up to “grab” the top bar. Touratech Zega Pro
Step 9: insure the the locking tabs are aligned with the grooves in the plastic spacer on the bag. Once aligned securely tighten the thumbscrews. Touratech Zega Pro

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