Featured Trail – Albany Wyoming (Albany Trail)


The Albany Trail has developed a reputation as the destination for those looking for tight technical single track with more log crossings than one cares to count. While short in miles, this trail is not to be taken lightly. The riders that maintain the trail a very careful to leave all of the natural obstacles, removing only the logs that are not able to be cleared by an expert level rider. This trail is one of the best examples of true legal single track that can be found in this area.


Follow the dirt road out of Albany to the Parking area listed in red on the map. There is plenty of parking for all types of vehicles. The trail starts at the north east corner of the parking lot.


There are plenty of options for primitive camping along all of the roads. You can also set up camp in the snowmobile parking lot near the Albany lodge (a fee is required) or at the trail parking lot. The Albany lodge is also a great place to stay the night.


You can easily find Albany Wyoming using a google search. Once you arrive follow the dirt road  (500) to the parking area.

Full Albany Wyoming / Snowy Range Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM)


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