Rampart Trails – Easy/Beginner

Rampart Sign

This is the first in a series of posts that we will be doing to highlight the Rampart Range Riding Area. This trail system contains 109.2 miles of trails that can be enjoyed by everyone from beginners to expert level riders. Rampart Range is Located in the Pike-San Isabel National Forest about 35 miles southwest of Denver. The convenient location and number of trails available at Rampart makes it a destination for many riders. Because of this the trails are often busy so use caution to avoid collisions with other riders. We recommend that you plan your trip on off days to avoid the heavy weekend/holiday traffic. All trails in Rampart Range require a spark arrester and Colorado OHV so make sure you have these before you arrive. The altitude varies from 6,500ft to 8,500ft so jetting changes may be required.

As with all trails in Colorado, it is important that we ride the trails at Rampart Range responsibly. This means using caution to avoid injuring ourselves or others, ensuring that your equipment is spark arrested before arriving, and staying on designated trails. Failure to do so could lead to fines, legal trouble, and/or future trail closures. Please DO NOT ride on Rampart Range road (or any other road not designated for OHV use) without a valid license plate and insurance! YOU WILL RECEIVE A TICKET! This guide is a general overview of the trails available at Rampart Range. Please make sure you check the current MVUM for any trail closures or updates before riding. Follow all posted trail signs and do not ride trails that are above your current skill level. It is important to let someone know what your plans are and where you will be riding before you head out on the trail. We recommend that you always ride with a buddy in case of mechanical failure or injury.

This trail guide is designed for beginner riders. We will post more guides for intermediate and expert level riders very soon.

Trail # 627 – Beginner (7.7 miles)

This is an easy trail that parallels Rampart Range Road for most of it’s length. This is a good route to use from trail to trail as it helps you avoid getting on Rampart Range Road which is only legal to travel if you vehicle is licensed. This trail is easy and smooth making it ideal for beginners and youngsters. Because of this it is imperative that you keep speeds down to avoid collisions.


Trail # 646 – Arrowhead (1.0 miles)

This is a short connecting trail between 682 (Overlook) and 681 (Scotty’s). This trail serves as a bypass for the more difficult sections of Scotty’s trail. Both Scotty’s and Overlook are moderate difficulty so this trail is not recommended for all beginner riders.


Trail # 675 Cabin Ridge (4.0 Miles)

Cabin Ridge Motorized trail connects Rampart Range Road to Highway 67 south of Sprucewood. This trail is rated easy by the Forest Service and used frequently. The trail is 4 miles long and connects with trails 657, 674, 676, and 677. Ample parking is available at the Rampart Range Road Trailhead.

675_Cabin Ridge

Trail # 677b – Log Jumper (6.6 Miles)

Starts at Highway 67 at the end of Noddle trail 677a and continues south to intersect with Rampart Range Road south of Topaz Point picnic ground. Pay attention to signs as Noddle is a moderate to difficult trail. If you are a beginner rider you may want to turn around at the beginning of the Noddle trail.


Trail # 680 – Loop (0.8 miles)

A good warm up trail that connects to the moderate difficulty trail # 657 (gramps). This trail is located off of the Beginner trail that parallels Rampart Range Road.


Trail # 683 – Fern

Short loop off of trail 682 which climbs a steep rocky slope. Trail 682 is a moderate level trail so this offshoot may not be accessible to all beginner riders. This trail is a Motorcycle only trail (No ATVs or Side x Sides allowed).


Trail # 685 – Tomahawk (4.0 miles)

Leads north from Rim Road to intersect with Trail #686. This trail gets a moderate amount of use. A popular spot to rest is at Kip’s Bridge which crosses over Garber Creek.



Check Back very soon for the Intermediate level Trail Guide.

Full MVUM map and inset for Rampart Range

South Platte East GEO PDF


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