2016 Elite Edition Husqvarna FE 501


                Nine out of ten off-road bikes we sell are often “kitted” with each customer’s ideal protection and “bling”.  We decided to do an Elite Edition custom build that delivered both the best “bling” and protection for your average trail rider, or professional racer.  The bike we chose was a 2016 Husqvarna FE 501.  I chose this bike for three reasons with the first being at the moment we had more of those than any other model.  The second reason was that the customers who typically purchase one, deck it out with all the bells and whistles.  My third reason was knowing all the blue “bling” would definitely be an eye-catcher and give the KTM 6 Days models to compete with.

I started out going around the shop looking at both what I thought and generally see customers want for their bike as far as protection goes.  First thing on any trail worthy machine is to protect the frame and motor.  Over to the skid plates I went.  Lately the most popular has been the TM Designs and I went with one of those because they are priced in between the other two, they have good protection and are still lightweight. The only thing I wish TM Designs had was an awesome yellow colored plate (I know it wouldn’t look good after use, but it would “pop” sitting there brand new!).

The next important items for protection are hand guards, radiator guards and disc guards.  Not everyone is ok with the stock handguards that come on the Husky’s so I went with the best ones we had in stock.  The Cycra CRM Pro-Bend system with the Blue and White Deflectors for both protecting the hands and looking good.  Sticking with the same concept for great protection and good on the eyes, I had to go with the Bullet Proof Designs blue anodized radiator guards and rear disc guard.  Protection on the front disc guard we had to stick with our “local” guys set up over at System Tech Racing.  Last on the protection side was an E-Line Carbon Fiber Header Guard.  Four stroke anything can be expensive and that definitely includes a header.  Also these help with not burning through your pant legs.

Now we get down to the “bling” side of things.  Again with the Husky’s there are several companies that offer blue anodized parts to make it pop.  First when installing the handguards I threw on a set of the Husqvarna Power Parts Grip donuts.  Also from the Husqvarna Power Parts we put on a blue front axle pull, and blue valve stem caps.  Again from System Tech Racing I installed blue 4CS fork bleeders, a blue oil fill plug, a blue aluminum foot brake pedal, and a blue clutch cover guard (also some protection).  Last to top it off we went some goodies from our buddies over at Warp 9.  The black wheels with blue hubs really put the finishing touch on the Elite Edition build.  They also make some great inexpensive foot pegs that gave the bike the last of the blue “bling” and added some extra grip for the lucky customer who purchases it!


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