SXS Slide Plate – Ultimate Linkage Protection


The KTM and Husqvarna Linkage bikes have been extremely popular with extreme enduro riders. The Linkage suspension provides a better platform for aggressive woods riders to sail through the trees. But, this suspension design has some inherent drawbacks. Most notably is the lack of protection around the dogbone and lower shock mount. The linkage on the SX and XC bikes is prone to hanging up on rocks and fallen trees, which can cause damage or unsettle the bike. A number of systems have been developed to counter this problem including the Obie Link Guard and the Slaven’s Link Guard. Both of these provide a good level of protection, but they require an additional purchase and lack a truly smooth seamless design.

Enter the SXS Slide Plate! This system is a fully integrated, one-piece, skid plate and linkage guard. The underside of the skid plate is smooth and seamless allowing the bike to clear rocks and logs without the risk of hanging up. The SXS Slide Plate is made from extremely durable 1/4 inch UHMV plastic, which not only protects the frame, side covers, and linkage, it also provides a smooth slick surface that glides over jagged obstacles with ease. This gives you a competitive advantage over riders using traditional skid plates. The SXS Slide Plate features a custom molded wrap around design that provides the ultimate protection for your frame rails, ignition cover, clutch cover, water pump housing, and linkage. The two point mounting allows for extremely fast and easy installation. Once mounted, the skid plate offers full access to the bikes lubrication system eliminating the need to remove it for service.

The SXS Slide Plate is currently used by Colton Haaker, Mike Brown, and Graham Jarvis.

The new SXS Slide plate is in stock at Elite Motorsports starting at $164.99! Call today to order the new SXS Slide Plate for your bike: 970-461-1022


SX/XC 250-300 2-Stroke (2011-2015)

SX/XCF 450-500 4-Stroke (2011-2015)

XC/XCF 250-350 4-Stroke (2011-2015)

Also available for Snow Bike conversions!


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