Motool Slacker Digital Sag Scale

We are very excited to show you the new Motool Slacker digital sag scale! Setting your sag is one of the most important, and often overlooked, maintenance items that you can do to any motorcycle. Motorcycle suspension is designed to work with a set amount of sag allowing for a given amount of down travel as well as up-travel. If your sag is set incorrectly it can negatively impact the performance of your motorcycle. Because of the importance of having the proper race sag, every bike that leaves the shop has the sag set.

Unfortunately, setting sag is not a one time deal. Sag can change over time for many reasons, including normal wear and tear. Without the Slacker digital sag scale, riders must rely on another person to read a tape measure or rely on inaccurate mechanical means of checking sag. Anybody that rides a motorcycle and wants to get the most out of their investment should set their sag every other ride. This is fast and easy with the Slacker digital sag scale! Better yet, you can set your sag without the assistance of another person.

  • Digital sag scale reads race sag in real-time using a retractable slacker cable
  • Built-in display allows a helper/mechanic to easily read measurements.
  • The remote display allows a single person to easily take accurate measurements.
  • Measures rear sag and fork sag by clamping to either number plates or fenders
  • Perfect for setting up new generation pneumatic forks and SFF forks.
  • The easiest, most accurate sag scale available period.
  • Backlit display can be turned on for night racing and poor lighting conditions
  • Fits any off-road bike 85cc and up using universal magnetic mount.

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